Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Losing my head

“The decapitation appeared inadvertent…”

Why are those words strung together in my morning news?

That’s it. I’m done being reasonable about this thing. I’m through with weighing the historical context, considering regional stability, giving credence to claims that the UN sanctions were failing, and hoping for a blossoming democracy. I tried. I did. I know smart people who supported this thing. I can name intelligent individuals who argued convincingly in the name of this war. And while I always made my opposition clear, I did my damnedest to listen to those people. I weighed what they had to say, and for a time I even allowed some of my views to sway closer to the center. “Yes, sure, I will concede that a strong ally in the region would be in US interests.” “When you put it that way, I can see how a small force could be considered a tactical advantage.”

But I was never convinced, and now…

“The decapitation appeared inadvertent…”? Say what you will about the death penalty (a barbaric remnant of a time when governance meant vengeance was in the public interest), but most people would be hard pressed to defend an accidental beheading during an execution.

Oops, I dinged your car door.

Sorry, I spilled some wine on the rug.

Those actions can be described as accidental, but when a living person’s head is pulled from their body, inadvertent or not, primitive and thoughtless forces were at play. There are plenty of beheadings in history. The Bible chronicles some of the best, but none of them are followed by, “Oh, my bad.”

So we ousted a brutal dictator, and these are the people we put in his place. Great goddamned job, Georgie. Brav-fucking-o. Yeah, that’s right; I’m giving up my civil, restrained, non-vulgar voice on this issue. Screw that. I will no longer abide the war-supporters' insistence on levelheaded discourse (levelheaded, ha, didn’t even mean for that to slip out). We’ve blown the goat on this one, ladies and gentlemen. It’s officially fuck-all, and those who disagree can suck my fucking cock.


Maxwell said...

hogan i wish you'd stop mincing words and express yourself. I might know where you stand.

end sarcasm.
i agree with you fully.

- though i am of the opinion that while we sucked getting into it, now we have to clean up the mess. otherwise, we really suck cock.

Hogan said...

I second Ryan's comment on sticking around in some capacity until the civil war we initiated is put down.
I stand by the original post, however, that we traded one huge monster for several fairly large monsters (who want to fight each other and us all at once). And anyone with an ounce of foresight should have seen some of this coming.
I remember one of the intelligent people who supported this thing calling me on the day they pulled down Saddam's statue. This person asked me if I was sorry I had voiced opposition to the war, and I said, "I don't think this is over."
It feels cheap to be saying I told you so, but come on... If I saw this coming--- I mean, I've got a degree in philosophy and creative writing, not exactly a mind honed for foreign affairs or diplomacy--- I know there are people more qualified than me out there. Shouldn't one or two of them be involved in the decision-making process?