Monday, August 02, 2010

Farewell to Hungary

In two weeks Hogs will no longer be in Budapest.

On the 17th of this month, Dora, Elek, and I (plus the dogs) will get on a plane and leave Hungary behind.

We plan to come back when we can, but we will return as visitors rather than residents (the dogs actually don't plan on coming back).

I've lived here since August 2004. It's been a busy six years.

I got married and grew even closer to Dora.

I figured out the career I'd like to pursue, and I gathered some excellent experience in that field.

I got a dog, helped that dog whelp nine puppies, and found homes for all of them - gaining a second dog in the doing.

I worked with incredible students from around the world, learning more about our global culture than I ever thought I would.

I finished a draft of my novel that I'm happy with - no publisher, but now I'm working on some other stuff, and the experience of finishing a big project helps me understand what "working on some other stuff" really means.

And then this last May I had a son.
Elek is very excited about the big move to the US. He is a bit concerned about how divisive the politics have become. I told him not to worry... much.

These years have been very good to me, and I would like to extend my thanks and best wishes to all the friends, colleagues, and students who made this time such a rich experience.

I will keep up a small blog, much like this one. Either there or via other channels, I hope to hear from people who were a part of this chapter in my life.

Be seeing you.