Friday, September 14, 2012

He Hasn't Seen the Study?

Both Mitt Romney and liberal media outlets are insulting the intelligence of the American public.

There is a real debate to be had about the Romney tax plan, but the debate is being overshadowed by inanities.

In his interview with George Stephanopoulos, Romney was pushed to offer some specifics on his tax plan.

Stephanopoulos acknowledged the studies that Romney has used to argue his plan will increase tax revenue. These are the studies Romney has used to answer critics who say his plan has arithmetic problems.

Stephanopoulos then asked about an important detail from one of those studies. He asked if Romney planned to "eliminate the home mortgage, charity, and state and local tax deductions for everyone earning over $100,000." This was one of the ways the Martin Feldstein study showed a rise in tax revenues.

Romney said he did not plan to eliminate those deductions. Stephanopoulos replied by saying those deductions are an essential part of Feldstein's plan.

To answer these concerns, Romney actually said these words: "Well, [Feldstein's study] doesn’t necessarily show the same growth that we’re anticipating.  And I haven’t seen his precise study."

Wait... what?

Take a moment to think about what Mitt Romney just said to George Stephanopoulos.

The study Romney has been citing as evidence doesn't show the same results he argues will materialize AND he hasn't seen the actual study.

When I read an argument based on ill-fitted evidence that the author hasn't actually read, I conclude that the argument is garbage. I challenge that author to provide a better case or change conclusions.

That is the detail voters need to investigate. That is the question that has been left unanswered.

But instead, liberal media outlets have decided to focus on comments Romney made a moment later about the middle income being $200,000/year. The general tenor of these articles has been, "Can you believe how out of touch this rich guy is?"

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Mitt Romney and the media think this is too complex a thread to follow. Romney is hoping he can just let it all slip by, and the media think we'll pay more attention to character attacks.

I want to know where the money that will fund Romney's tax cut will come from. For the time being, I have to reject his plan as garbage because that is exactly what his argument supporting it is.