Curriculum Vitae

 Hogan Hayes
Assistant Professor of Composition & Rhetoric
Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement Coordinator 
Sacramento State University
1003 Cabot Street
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 204-8397
Ph.D. in Education with an Emphasis in Composition and Rhetoric  
UC Davis, School of Education, September 2015
           Dissertation Committee: Dana Ferris (Chair), Carl Whithaus, Lee Martin
M.A. English,  University of California, Davis, 2004
B.A. Philosophy,  University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1998
  • Mapping the Writing Resources Present as Students Transition into Upper Division Course Work in the Biological Sciences
    • A descriptive study of the writing resources in upper division biological science courses focusing on resources with the potential to cue writing knowledge gained in transfer-oriented writing courses
    • An initial trial of a reproducible methodology for mapping writing resources that impact the learning-to-write process outside of the writing classroom
  • Hayes, H., D.R. Ferris & C. Whithaus. (2016). Dynamic Transfer in First Year Writing and WID Settings. In J. Moore, C.M. Anson (Eds.) Critical Transitions: Writing and the Question of Transfer. West Lafayette, Indiana: Parlor Press.
    • A qualitative study of factors impacting the transfer of writing skills in the lower and upper division composition courses of a stand-alone writing program at a large research university
  • D. Masiel, W. Sewell, & H. Hayes. (2015) “It's Their Story That Turns Your Head”: An Interview with Kathleen Blake Yancey. Writing on the Edge, (25)2, 4-14.
  • Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference – Portland, Oregon, 2017
    • Cultivating Knowledge to Foster Program Development: Utilizing Data from a Five-Year Study of a Large Advanced Writing Program
  • Crossings Conference – University of Nevada, Reno, 2017
    • Identifying Resources in Biology Courses
  • Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference – Boise, Idaho, 2015
    • Identifying Writing Resources at the Transition to Upper Division Work in the Disciplines
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication – Tampa, Florida, 2015
    • They Don’t Do Any Writing in This Class: Mapping the Writing Resources in a Transitional Setting
  • University of California Writing Conference – Davis, California, 2013
    • Dynamic Transfer and Writing Environment Acclimation
  • Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference – Savannah, Georgia, 2013
    • The Dynamic Transfer of Writing Skills from First-Year Writing to WID Courses
  • Critical Transitions: Writing and the Question of Transfer Conference – Elon, North Carolina, 2013
    • The Dynamic Transfer of Writing Competencies: An Examination of FYC and WID Environments
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication – Las Vegas, Nevada, 2013
o    Making a Plan, Sharing a Plan, Acting on a Plan: Implementing an E-Portfolio Program for a First-Year Writing Program
  • Panel presentation on writing at Northern California CATESOL Conference – Davis, California, 2011
    • L2 Writer Profiles: Learning Motivation and Writing Confidence Levels

Seminars and Inquiry Groups
  • Research Seminar on Critical Transitions: Writing and the Question of Transfer – Elon, North Carolina, 2012-13
    • Member of the Intellectual Ethos Cohort and the UC Davis Research Team
  • High School to University Inquiry Group – Davis, California, 2011
    • Member of a panel of high school and college writing instructors investigating the transition from high school writing to college composition,  assembled by the Area 3 Writing Project
Working Papers
  • The Dynamic Transfer of Writing Skills into First Year Writing
    • A case study describing how a student transformed prior knowledge to write for an unfamiliar genre in first year writing
      • Target Journal: Composition Forum
  • Implementing E-Portfolios: Overcoming Resistance through Change Management & Digital Literacy Instruction 
    • A case study on the implementation of electronic portfolios for the first year writing program at a large research university.
      • Target Journal: Writing Program Administration
  • Exam Feedback as Writing Feedback
    • A dissertation chapter to be adapted into an analysis asserting that feedback on examinations in the biological sciences can be understood as formative discipline-specific writing feedback
      • Target Journal: The Journal of Response to Writing
Research Interests
  • Mapping resources that facilitate writing skills transfer in upper division coursework and professional settings
  • Electronic portfolio composition and digital literacy
Teaching Interests
Writing in the Disciplines – Psychology & Biology
Business Communication & Professional Writing
Collaborative Problem-Based Writing in FYC
Digital Literacy

Teaching Experience
Assistant Professor of Composition and Rhetoric, English Department, Sacramento State University, August 2015-Present
  • Upper Division College Composition 
  • Senior Seminar: Writing Skills at Work Beyond the Composition Classroom
  • Writing Program Internships
Instructor, University Writing Program (UWP), UC Davis, September 2010-2015
  • Professional Writing
    • Developing a portfolio-based upper division course on writing in the professions
    • Generating and facilitating a class-wide collaborative business writing simulation focused on transactional writing, problem-based learning, and peer assessment
  • Advanced Composition
    • Developing a portfolio-based upper division writing course
    • Facilitating a set of linked assignments emphasizing rhetorical awareness
  • Expository Writing
Program Administration Service
    • Developed and piloted the program-wide implementation of electronic portfolios for FYC
    • Piloted the course materials for an online hybrid version of FYC
    • Co-founded the UC Davis UWP-Literature Liaison Group
Continuing Teaching Experience
    • Participating in normed large-scale multi-reader e-portfolio evaluations
    • Developing and facilitating a problem-based learning approach to FYC
    • Utilizing traditional classrooms, computer labs, and online hybrid settings
  • Basic Writing - ESL
    • Delivering a student-centered ESL writing course to a mix of international and generation 1.5 students
    • Participating in normed large-scale multi-reader portfolio evaluations for L2 writers
  • Writing the Research Paper for International Students
    • Developing a course for international students working to develop a strong grasp on the conventions of university-level research and writing in the US
    • Composing lectures and facilitating workshops for a culturally diverse class of L2 writers
    • Assigning and evaluating reading, writing, and research exercises appropriate for writers working in a second language

Academic Writing Specialist, CANDEL Program, UC Davis and Sonoma State University,
September 2012-2015
    • Providing one-to-one writing consultations for graduate level writing projects in education research
Instructor, Rhetoric and Language, University of San Francisco, September 2012-2015
  • Writing in Psychology
    • Developing and delivering an upper division writing in the disciplines course with an emphasis on literature reviews and APA writing conventions
    • Facilitating a portfolio-based assessment method
Instructor, Global Studies Extension, UC Davis, Summers 2011-2015
  • Composing a Research Abstract and a Graduate School Statement of Purpose
    • Developed lectures on research writing and transactional writing tasks for students from China’s most prestigious schools of science and engineering
    • Evaluated and graded abstracts from active research projects and draft purpose statements for graduate school applications
  • Academic Preparation in US Universities & American Culture
    • Developed two courses to aid visiting international students in the transition to higher education in the US
  • Seminar on the Goals and Style of US University Writing Instruction
    • Developed an interactive seminar for visiting international studies
Senior Lecturer of Communications, CEU Business School, Budapest, 2006-2010
  • Facilitated professional writing development for a population of business students representing over 20 nationalities
  • Developed and delivered all academic writing courses for the undergraduate students in a multicultural and linguistically diverse academic environment
    • Courses: Writing Skills, Business Communication, Team Building, The Case Study Method, Transition to the US Method of Higher Education
  • Founded and Directed the Undergraduate Writing Center
    • Provided tutoring services and facilitated peer-tutoring meetings
Lecturer, English Department, McDaniel College Budapest, 2004- 2007
  • English Composition I & II
    • Developed and facilitated a two-semester portfolio-based composition course geared toward an international student body with a wide range of linguistic backgrounds
    • Delivered composition instruction that incorporated ESL learning objectives
  • First Year Seminar
    • Developed and facilitated a course on the style of instruction at McDaniel College, the role of research in the academy, and a basic understanding of student life in Budapest
Instructor, English Department, University of Pécs, 2005-2006
  • 20th Century American Fiction
    • Generated syllabus and facilitated upper-division seminar
    • Assigned and evaluated critical essays
Instructor, Babilon Language Studio, 2004-2006
  • Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced English Instruction
    • Created customized 8-week courses focusing on grammar, conversation skills, & vocabulary
Instructor, English Department, UC Davis, January 2004-March 2004
  • Introduction to Fiction Writing
    • Generated course syllabus and facilitated story workshops
    • Received the year’s best student evaluations for a creative writing course
Course Management Software
  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • Sakai
Electronic Portfolio Software
  • Mahara
  • WordPress
  • Google Sites & Drive
  • Weebly
Technologies for the Classroom and Assessment
  • Google Docs hosted peer review
  • Google Docs for participatory instructor feedback sessions
  • Adobe Connect
  • Camtasia for screencast feedback
Multimedia Services & Software
  • Movie Maker
  • SoundCloud
  • Kompozer HTML Editor
  • Camtasia Screencast and Video Suite
  • YouTube
Social Networks in/for the Classroom
  • Blogging at “How We Argue” since 2006
  • Moderating course subreddits
Research Software
  • Dedoose
  • EndNote
  • Google Surveys
  • Survey Monkey
  • SPSS/Stata
  • Assistant Editor for Writing on the Edge
    • Reviewed submissions and copyedited the journal
    • Contributed to the editing of the forthcoming collection of WOE interviews with writing studies scholars
  • Primary Facilitator in the Programmatic Implementation of E-Portfolios for Lower Division Writing
    • Led teacher training effort
    • Developed instruction materials
    • Served as lead troubleshooter during the first two terms of implementation
  • Conference Proposal Reviewer for Critical Transitions: Writing and the Question of Transfer, Elon, NC, 2013
  • Pilot Instructor for the UCD Hybrid First Year Writing Course
    • Taught and provided feedback on the hybrid course-in-development by teaching the materials in a computer lab
  • Founding member of the UC Davis UWP-Literature Liaison Group
    • Collaborated with literature scholars to address challenges that emerged as instructors adapted to composition and rhetoric pedagogy
    • Facilitated the creation of a mentoring system run by and for graduate student instructors
  • Member of the Recruitment, Admissions, and Scholarship Committee at CEU Business School
    • Served as an application reviewer
    • Led the committee that revised the system for distributing merit-based tuition assistance
  • Chair of the CEU Business School Undergraduate Admissions Subcommittee
    • Approved committee admissions decisions for all undergraduate applicants
  • Graduate Student Representative,  UC Davis English Department Creative Writing Committee

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